Does anyone take fish oil?


Does anyone take fish oil for psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis?

I’m taking 2000-4000 mg of fish oil per day – currently trying Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 2x. I’ve been taking two to four capsules per day, depending on whether I eat fish that day or not. Each capsule contains 1075 mg of omega 3s.

See also this study that mentions fish oil and olive oil:


Yes, I take the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega at around the same dosage. It doesn’t stop the major flares but I think it’s good for overall inflammation and the long-term benefits seem worth the expense.


I think it’s helping me, but it’s difficult to tell. I think that the skin psoriasis is less severe with the fish oil (along with a significant amount of olive oil).


I tried that brand and it comes highly recommended but it seemed to make no difference, may have made things worse. I think I have a sensitivity to oils. I know other PsA sufferers that have sensitivities to oils, even the healthy ones. I am experimenting getting my antioxidants with coffee currently.


I stopped with the fish oil, but I eat fish at least once per week.

I’m on a combination of Humira and Aleve now. I noticed improvements within 24 hours of starting Humira.