Helminth (Tapeworm) Therapy for Psoriasis


I previously wrote a blog post Can Psoriasis Be Cured with Deliberate Parasite Infection? Here are some more links I’ve found on the topic. Has anyone researched it or tried it?



Also for RA:



Here is an alternate method. It looks like succinate in water might be able to provide the benefits of helminth/tapeworm therapy without the parasites.

Initiation of immune responses requires innate immune sensing, but immune detection of the helminths, protists, and allergens that stimulate type 2 immunity remains poorly understood. In the small intestine, type 2 immune responses are regulated by a tuft cell- ILC2 signaling circuit. Tuft cells express components of a canonical taste transduction pathway, including the membrane channel TRPM5, but the ligands and receptors that activate tuft cells in the small intestine are unknown. Here we identify succinate as the first ligand that activates intestinal tuft cells to initiate type 2 immune responses. Using mRNA-Seq on tuft cells from different tissues, we show that all tuft cells express the intracellular taste transduction pathway, but expression of upstream receptors is tissue-specific. In the small intestine, tuft cells express the succinate receptor SUCNR1. Remarkably, providing succinate in drinking water is sufficient to induce a multifaceted type 2 immune response in the murine small intestine, involving all known components of the tuft-ILC2 circuit. The helminth Nippostrongylus brasiliensis secretes succinate as a metabolite, and sensing of both succinate and N. brasiliensis requires tuft cells and TRPM5, suggesting a novel paradigm in which type 2 immunity monitors microbial metabolism. Manipulation of succinate sensing may have therapeutic benefit in numerous intestinal diseases.