How I Stop My Psoriatic Arthritis Attacks


When I see that the psoriasis is starting an attack, I’ve been modifying my food intake. When one of my toes swelled up, I immediately started water fasting. The toe shrunk back to normal and hasn’t bothered me again. When my fingernail got attacked by psoriasis a couple of weeks ago, I immediately switched my diet to a new experiment, and it stopped (the nail has been growing healthily since then).

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Have you been able to tie your flares to specific foods, or is it just food in general?


Some foods seem to make it worse. If I try eating restaurant food over a couple of weeks, it seems like a PsA attack follows. I don’t know if it’s the meat or grains or something else.

My original goal with this site was to create a tracking tool that would make it easier to identify specific food (or other) triggers by mining the data. I’m still trying to find time to build the tool.

For my own situation, I have suspicions about:

  • meat (I was raised without meat, so I might not be made for eating much of it)
  • dairy (unknown, but quitting helped me get my weight down to an average BMI)
  • soy
  • corn
  • refined carbs (I used to eat way too much bread, spaghetti, and rice)
  • caffeine (unknown – mixed results)