Salt, Vinegar, and Psoriasis


Has anyone seen effects from changing salt intake?

This is interesting: Sodium & Autoimmune Disease

How to Prevent Gut Inflammation – Researchers found that butyrate suppresses the inflammatory reaction and tells our immune system to stand down, so butyrate “may behave as a microbial signal to inform [our] immune system that the relative levels of [good] bacteria are within the desired range.” Butyrate calms the immune system down, saying in effect, “All’s well. You’ve got the good guys on board.” This ultimately renders the intestinal immune system hyporesponsive, (i.e., accommodating) to the beneficial bacteria. But, in the absence of the calming effect of butyrate, our immune system is back in full force, attacking the bacteria within our gut under the assumption that those are obviously not the good ones since butyrate levels are so low.

Optimal Vinegar Dose – “It turns out even just small amounts of vinegar—two teaspoons with a meal—can significantly cut down on the blood sugar spike of a refined carb meal”

Potassium & Autoimmune Disease – higher potassium intake was associated with an improvement in rheumatoid arthritis, and a lower disease activity and pain intensity, “reflecting an anti-pain effect for potassium.”

There’s also some content on psoriasis:


Here is another article on salt. I’ve recently cut my salt intake down to a few hundred milligrams on most days.